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Astrophotography Workshops

Have you ever wanted to learn how to photograph the beautiful & vast universe that surrounds us? If so, you came to the right place!

By holding astrophotography workshops, our goal is to include you in the excitement and inspiration we have for this art form by teaching you how to make truly remarkable starscapes of your own while having the best possible experience. You will come home with images that will leave you and your friends breathless! The possibilities are limitless when you combine a wide angle lens, a tripod and a headlamp under the night sky. One of our photos was recently selected by the WSECU for their 2018 Calendar!

These milky way photography workshops are a lot of fun, but more importantly, safe and secure. I instruct under CPR / AED certifications with location permits. Also, out of the respect for National & State Parks, I also enforce the “leave no trace” rule to keep parks clean and trash-free.

These workshops also make perfect gifts. Consider purchasing a gift certificate! Ask for details!

What Will I Learn?

What Will I Learn?

How to prepare for your shoot
Camera & lens overview.
Camera exposure settings for optimal imagery.
How to focus your lens at night.
General astronomy course so you can easily understand moon cycles, earth’s orbit, how to find the Milky Way, planets, meteor showers, etc.
How to photograph the Milky Way, capture star trails, long exposures and light painting.
Special tips and techniques.
Post-processing overview.

What Will I Need?

What Will I Need?

DSLR Camera that can perform in Manual (M) Mode
At least 2 fully charged camera batteries and 16GB (minimum) memory card storage
A WIDE angle lens that is at least 24mm with an aperature of f/2.8 of faster is recommended but not required. Lens rentals are available through if necessary.
Shutter Release or Intervalometer (highly recommended but not required)
Headlamp (with red light)
Warm Clothes

August Single Day Workshops

$32500per person
  • August 10th, 11th & 12th
  • Artist Point, Mount Baker / Mount Shuskan
  • Group Size: 6 Person Maximum
  • $150 Non Refundable Deposit
  • Please read our terms and conditions.

September Single Day Workshops

32500per person
  • September 7th, 8th & 9th
  • Suntop Lookout, Mount Rainier NP / Lake Tipsoo, Mount Rainier NP
  • Group Size: 6 Person Maximum
  • $150 Non Refundable Deposit
  • Please read our terms and conditions.


You must be 18 years or older to participate. Prices generally do not include meals, accommodations, gear, transportation, or incidentals unless otherwise noted in workshop description. You are responsible for supplying your personal needs. Participation requires acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth in my waiver & consent form sent out after registration.


You can pay by paypal,  cashiers check, money order or cash. Space is limited and accommodations will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. We encourage early registration in order to confirm your place and obtain the level of accommodations you seek.


Weather plays a very key role in nighttime photography but is unpredictable. Weather may compromise our photography shooting conditions but lessons will continue if the conditions permit. If weather does cancel our workshop, the non refundable deposit will be transferred towards another workshop of your choice.

We like to shoot on clear nights, but light cloud cover can add a very interesting effect in your images. If the forecast calls for rain we will have to reschedule. Even if there is partial cloud cover, I promise you that you will still take home some great shots and the knowledge on how to greatly capture the night sky on any given night.

Travel Insurance

If you are traveling to the Seattle area, I strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance to protect yourself against unforeseen circumstances that might prevent your attendance. We suggest a plan that offers coverage for medical/dental emergencies, lost baggage, missed connections, and trip cancellation, should you unexpectedly need to cancel. Sean Parker is not responsible for cancellations due to medical emergencies or reimbursement of airline tickets in the event of a workshop cancellation. For more information on travel insurance please visit

Limitation & Liability

A consent waiver form will be emailed to you prior to the workshop. Participants are required to print, sign, and bring with them to the workshop.

The first $150 of your deposit is non-refundable upon purchase. The remaining balance is refundable 90 days or more prior to your start date.

Your complete payment must be made 90 days or more prior to your start date, to hold your reservation. Final payment directions provided upon signup via email.

In the case that your complete payment is not made with-in 90 days of the your start date, you reservation and deposit will be forfeited. No refund will be given.

It is acceptable to apply the entire balance less the $150 non-refundable deposit to a different workshop or tour, instead of fully canceling per the following:

This must be a tour that isn’t already sold out.

This change must be made 90 days prior to your current tours start date.

We must be able to directly fill your current workshop/tour spot for this option to be acceptable. Please contact me via the email if you choose to take this route.

If you can find someone to directly fill your spot this is also acceptable. The monetary transfer shall be between the two parties and not involve Krookedhorn Photography. Contact us per the email above, upon finding someone to fill your spot on the workshop / tour.

Within 90 days of the start date no refunds will be given of any kind.